Gianna Christella Hayes is a multidisciplinary artist, designer and curator exploring multiraciality, pan-africanism, intersectional feminist lenses and meditative reveries. Spanning across various mediums including; photography, video, three-dimensional works, textiles, and sculpture. Gianna received her bachelor of Design from UNSW Art & Design in 2019. 

May of 2018, Gianna began Between Two Worlds; a space highlighting and celebrating the interdisciplinary works of first nation artists and artists of colour within art, music and performance. B.T.W has been involved in four events including 2 independent seasonal showcases and an art exhibition in collaboration with The Commune for Newtown festival and the “Our Hood” event in Waterloo within the past year. 

Gianna Hayes was born in Los Angeles, CA. Completed HighSchool and University in Sydney [ Gadigal Land] and Cairns [ Yirrganydji Land ] Australia. 

Gianna is currently living and working on Gadigal Land Sydney Australia.

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