Gianna Hayes is an interdisciplinary artist, art director, and art curator. Gianna's work ranges from Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Digital Art, Textile Design, and Art Curation.  

Along side practicing Art and Design, Gianna has started her own collective called B.T.W, Between Two Worlds - a platform for people of colour and indigenous peoples in Australia to share their stories. B.T.W organises exhibitions and events that support and recognise the creative contribution of often tokenised and silenced members of society in art, music, and design.

Visit B.T.W site here 

Gianna Hayes was born in Los Angeles, CA. Completed HighSchool and University in Sydney [ Gadigal Land] and Cairns [ Yirrganydji Land ] Australia. 

Gianna is currently living and working on Gadigal Land Sydney Australia.

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